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Since it’s launch in November 2005, U105 has achieved an impressive weekly reach of 195,000 adults.   

People are also listening for longer: 9.4 hours per week, which means U105 has the highest average hours of any commercial station in its broadcast area, listening for a massive 1.83m hours every week.

U105: Belfast & Greater area

Programming Format: Topical speech with a wide choice of music from the 60’s through to the present day.

Target Audience: Core 35-55

USP of Station: U105 is a personality-led station aimed at the 40 plus audience in greater Belfast providing topical speech, news and music from the Gold era through to the present.

U105 Rate Card  
Prime TimePackage CostsSpot Average
14 Spots£616£44
21 Spots£903£43
28 Spots£1148£41
35 Spots£1330£38
Total Audience PackagePackage CostSpot Average
14 Spots£546£39
21 Spots£798£38
28 Spots£1008£36
35 Spots£1365£39
Rate CardTime BandTotal
Prime Time06:30 - 19:00£45
Total Audience Package06:00 - 24:00£40